7 Best Coffees in Indonesia

7 Best Coffees in Indonesia that Tempt Your Tongue
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Indonesia, as one of the largest coffee producers in the world, is known for its wealth of quality coffee beans. From Sabang to Merauke, each region has unique characteristics in producing mouth-watering coffee. Here are the 7 best types of coffee in Indonesia that you must try:

1. Gayo Coffee (Aceh)
Gayo coffee, grown in the highlands of Aceh Gayo, has a rich taste with a touch of spice. The high-quality seeds provide a distinctive taste, with balanced acidity and a seductive floral aroma.

2. Toraja Coffee (Sulawesi)
From the highlands of Sulawesi, Toraja Coffee offers a strong taste with aromas of earth and chocolate. Its unique sweet taste and gentle acidity make it a favorite of coffee lovers.

3. Mandailing Coffee (North Sumatra)
Mandailing coffee from North Sumatra has a full body with a strong and complex taste. The taste of chocolate, spices and hints of fruit make it a special coffee.

4. Bajawa Coffee (Flores)
Bajawa coffee from Flores has an interesting taste with a combination of sweet, sour and a little spice. Produced at high altitudes, this coffee has unique and delightful characteristics.

5. Wamena Coffee (Papua)
Wamena coffee from Papua has a strong taste with low acidity levels. Known for its fruity and chocolate aroma, this coffee provides a different delicious experience for coffee lovers.

6. Java Coffee (East Java)
Java coffee has long been part of Indonesian coffee history. The balanced taste between acidity and softness, as well as the distinctive aroma, make it remain a favorite among many circles.

7. Kintamani Balinese Coffee (Bali)
Bali Kintamani coffee grows on the fertile slopes of Bali's volcanoes. The soft taste with a touch of fruity and floral makes it one of the best coffees from the Island of the Gods.

Each type of Indonesian coffee has its own characteristics in terms of taste, aroma and character. Whether you're a coffee fan who likes strong flavors, refreshing acidity, or the unique characteristics of each region, Indonesia has a wide selection of coffees to pamper your palate.

For a more in-depth experience, you can try these coffees in various brewing methods, such as pour-over, French press, or traditional methods typical of each region. Enjoy the delicious diversity of Indonesian coffee that tempts the tongues and souls of coffee lovers all over the world!


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