7 best barista schools in the world

7 best barista schools in the world
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Some of the world's leading barista schools are renowned for their comprehensive curriculum, quality instructors, and adequate facilities. Here is a list of the seven best barista schools that are frequently recognized in the coffee industry:

Seattle Barista Academy (SBA) - Seattle, United States:Seattle Barista Academy is renowned for providing barista training with a focus on advanced coffee brewing techniques. They offer intensive programs for beginner to advanced level baristas.

Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Coffee Skills Program - Various World Locations:
SCA offers training programs in various locations around the world. This program includes a series of courses ranging from Barista Skills, Brewing, to Green Coffee, developed by coffee industry experts.

London School of Coffee - London, England:
The school offers a variety of courses from very basic to advanced, with a focus on coffee brewing, latte art, and cafe management. They have experienced instructors in the coffee industry.

Australian Barista School - Melbourne, Australia:
 It is one of the oldest barista schools in Australia, providing intensive training in various aspects of the barista, including brewing techniques, latte art and cafe management.

Barista Hustle - Melbourne, Australia:
 Barista Hustle is known for its scientifically based training approach to learning about coffee. They provide online and in-person training content, as well as in-depth research materials on the science of coffee.

European Barista Institute - Milan, Italy:
 The school is located in one of the largest coffee centers in Europe. The European Barista Institute offers training programs that cover brewing techniques, coffee equipment and cafe management.

Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) Q-Grader Certification - Various World Locations:
 While not a traditional school, CQI's Q-Grader certification is an intensive program that is well known in the coffee industry. This program trains individuals in professionally assessing coffee quality from a sensory and quality perspective.

Choosing the best barista school depends on personal preference, location, and the type of training desired. Be sure to consider the curriculum, reputation, instructor experience, as well as reviews from alumni before choosing a school that suits your needs.


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